yato (a character from the anime noragami), a god boasting himself and waved his fan. he's dressed in a cloak and wearing a crown—like a king!

So uh... hello!!! I am out, the webmaster of this site. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

this is me as a mii (my avatar from the wii by nintendo), i look behind quickly

I am a young adult who just entered their 20s (i still don't believe it) and currently a university student. Hmm... about me? For one, I'm disconnected from gender almost entirely. No specific labels though because they don't really fit myself, but I still do on some surfaces only so it's easier for others to get a certain gist of me—just not here. I like making things, buttttt most of the time I'm just spiraling... oh, and I like eating lots and lots of fruit. Other than that, I barely have any idea how to describe myself despite the amount of times I find me thinking about it a lot. I'll come back here when I think of anything else to say!

a pixelated gif of a penguin. the gif loops the penguin waddling left to right.

My earliest memories of the web was playing a series of flash games. I was pretty wary being online and didn't explore much, only entered sites meant for me, for kids. Every chance when they weren't safe for my eyes anymore I'd dodge away! My first ever interaction and exposure to users and communities online was ROBLOX, had the best and worst moments on there. I was sad none of my friends knew about it so I had no one to play with. Maybe I'd still play it now if it wasn't so money-grabby and didn't remove tix (pain). Also shared my art online when it felt less intimidating—uh, anyways I so, SO deeply miss playing flash games... they were significant to my childhood. It'd be so nice if all the ones I played and had the most fun with were still here. If I can remember and find them again, I'll elaborate more and link them here or somewhere else in my site. :D

This site exists for me to explore my self-expression and whatever ideas I have in my mind. It is also my personal space away from almost all my presences in the web that is controlled especially in social media. I had difficulty being happy about myself & my art and other things I've made for years mostly because of it, but am now ecstatic that I found a place to do so again that's easier for me. I have many ideas and am excited how they will take form in my site!


You know, I initially wanted my site's url to be outtttttt just like the title in my homepage. Turns out I could use my own three-letter name itself so that's what I decided on. Having the extra t's in my url does look nice too though? Who knows if I'll change it to that instead in the future...

Since around late middle school was when I grew an interest in coding. I've coded then and there for fun and during some in-class activities or program, but what I was most piqued with particularly was making my very own website! At that time, I barely knew the existence of personal websites; discovering cutely decorated art blogs was the source of my curiousity. However, even with some knowledge I had no idea where to start. I grew discouraged finding out that every website builder I looked into online were focused professionally, and lacked creativity & the freedom to express and put anything I wanted. Everything was blocked by paywalls which I did not. like. at all. My wishes for a website laid dormant since then, and coding became more of a possibility to pursue.

Then towards the end of 2021, I somehow found this site while looking for resources and cool links out of boredom. I'm too young to have known the old web, but I felt somewhat nostalgic and everything was so cool!! The moment I land myself on the front page of Neocities was when I became massively overwhelmed. A website that allows free web hosting that existed for nearly a decade AND I NEVER KNEW ABOUT IT???? orz it was a huge shocker for me. So that's how I'm here, currently writing this down!! These previous months before deciding to make my site I was amazed browsing through Neocities and because of that, I found fun and a purpose to write code in my own time again. My past years of making and posting my art + other creations & presenting myself online became tiring and felt unhealthy to an extent, but I think I've managed well. I mainly exist in my accounts now to keep in touch with friends, a couple mutuals, and some of my favorite artists... and still sharing my creations from time to time but not as often as I use to. That's one of the main reasons why I decided to make my own site—to have a happier relationship with my art & explore myself and any ideas I have! I hope for what comes for me in my site and how everything will go from here.

This page still needs a lot of work... check back later for updates!