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Here is my personal space where you'll find my thoughts and dedication to everything I enjoy. I set up this site so I can explore my self-expression as the thought of doing so in my own place freely feels exciting, since nowadays everywhere else in the web feels limiting (and also to get my hands into coding again). Note that every page is ALWAYS under a work in progress and never completely finished! You will encounter some broken areas.

This site is best viewed on a computer preferably with a huge screen. You'll have to zoom out in this page and some other ones on smaller screen sizes, and mobile just sucks terribly so don't ever look there it's really bad for your eyes!!!! Some pages can be mobile compatible though, but the site overall isn't (and it never will be). A very Noragami-themed site because it's one of my favorite series and what I liked most for a long time. I aim to refine my site to whatever and however I like. Thank you for visiting!