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Here is my personal space where you'll find my thoughts and dedication to everything I enjoy. I set up this site so I can explore my self-expression as the thought of doing so in my own place freely feels exciting, since nowadays it's very limited everywhere else in the web—and also to get my hands into coding again. Note that every page is ALWAYS under a work in progress and never completely finished! You will encounter some broken areas.

This site is best viewed on a computer preferably with a huge screen. You'll have to zoom out in this page and some other ones on smaller screen sizes, and mobile just sucks terribly so don't ever look there it's really bad for your eyes!!!! Some pages can be mobile compatible though, but the site overall isn't (and it never will be). A very Noragami-themed site because it's one of my favorite series and what I liked most for a long time. I aim to refine my site in whatever ways I like. Thank you for visiting!


This site is part of a game glitches and secrets Web Ring! (not actually a web ring though... this is from the spamton sweepstakes page in the official deltarune website! thought it would be cool to have it here in my site :D)

What's New?

a small doodle of yato (drawn by hiyori iki) from noragami
01/29/2024 ummmmmm... yeag, it's past midnight right now I can't think of anythign to say about this. this was very indulgent (hides away)
01/13/2024 Happy belated new year...? I made a new blog called taking up space, but nothing uploaded there yet. Aaaand also removed my Collections page, decided to have a tab of pages right below here instead. Also made slight changes throughout my site, not very significant though. I've been holding up this update for a few months cuz I've been busy... and now I might be even busier. I really hope not ahahahahah *dies*
03/12/2023 I edited the look of my site button a lil', that's all. :D
02/26/2023 I created a lil' page for my collections—first being my notes and listings! I called it my Notepad cuz I made each of them through .txt files that can be edited through your own computer's text editor that is also called notepad. It all makes sense!
01/05/2023 Nothing significant other than plenty of small changes. I revamped the About page sorta... didn't write or add anything huge tho. Also I didn't know the Deltarune official site updated to celebrate Undertale's game anniversary a few months ago?? So much cool easter eggs and secrets plus some cool banners, so I wanted to add this webring (not a working one) to my site after I noticed them in a couple mutuals' sites. Oh and Happy New Year!! :D *ptooooh!* (this doesn't sound like a party horn i#know)
09/04/2022 Another journal entry! Since my semester just started I won't be as active as I was before working on this site. man. For now most of my focus is writing the info of my planned pages...
08/06/2022 I posted my first ever entry in my blog! Not exactly a blog entry though I put it as part of the Journal section (but it technically still is one? wait huh) and also attempted and somehow made my whole blog mobile compatible??? I don't know how I did that, but I fixed it up more & tried things to make it look nicer there. I'm planning to learn Javascript to get my blog archive workin the way I want it to and organize all my entries when they start piling. And if you haven't noticed already I've joined a few webrings as well plus made some adjustments everywhere since I launched my site :D I wonder what page I should work on next?
07/25/2022 Yayyy my Neocities site is finally up after a while since I signed up! I thought it would happen way earlier but I wanted my homepage to look as nice as I wanted possible haha. Sooo this box is where I write more detailed updates on my site + my status & thoughts of it? I was super confuzzled (confused + puzzled) if I should combine this whole box together with my Updates section from the sidebar, but I think it's more organized if they're separated...? We'll see how this goes from now...


(Q:) Why is there a FAQ when not a single person has asked you anything?
(A:) Haha... there's a reason why the (in) is before the F of frequently. I'm thinking of changing the title "(IN)FAQ" to something else though. This will have to for now...

(Q:) What are your plans for your site?
(A:) The general ideas are indicated in my navigation box! But so far overall, it's mainly art & stuff I've made and dedicated pages to things that mean to me.

(Q:) How do I contact you if I do have a question to ask?
(A:) Ask me in my guestbook and I'll try to answer you there! You can message me in my Neocities profile too if it isn't disabled.

(Q:) ...that's it?
(A:) Ye. There'll be more to come in my site!!




I learn to code my site mostly from w3schools, and used some of their example codes (or are based on them) on this site. The marquee-like effects I used are by Olavi Haapala from here, and also in few examples here.

None of the images and buttons belong to me and were found from other websites—only ones that do belong to me are pictures I've taken or made myself. For the backgrounds, some are from hekate's background archive, Transparent Tectures, Bellsnwhistles.com, Unsplash, and Toptal's Subtle Patterns. I used assets from mangasozai.com and free-line-design.com. Some images and buttons are linked back to its creators (hover them).

Most fonts I've used in my site so far are Childwood, Steagal, Flux Architect, wibble, Chalkaholic (Demo), Igiari, Averia Sans Libre Light, Merchant Copy, and Deltoid Sans.

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